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If you haven't heard, my brother and I are the founders of a Christian ministry called the Millennial Spark. We derive our name from our belief that we Christian Millennials have a chance - a spark - to make a difference never before seen among past generations. We desire a purpose that stands out from history books and social media posts. It's especially true for our region of Eastern Kentucky - a place known for its poverty. And that's not just a reference to poor fiscal health, but one of spiritual health. We are missing out on the values of self-belief, self-efficacy, and self-redemption. It is through the steps of insight, aspiration, and mission that we create a better future for our kids and grandkids here in eastern Kentucky.

Our ministry at the Millennial Spark was founded in the fall of 2015. This ministry has always focused on one idea: your growth as an individual. My brother and I hope this collection of articles will be a blessing for you. They are organized into four topical sections: (1) helping others, (2) life being defined as uncontrollable, (3) our purpose in life, and finally (4) helping ourselves. Each section relates to every chapter of our life. May God bless you in the journey that's ahead of you.

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