About this site

Millennials today have such a desire for a purpose they can call their own. A uniqueness that stands out from history books and social media posts.  It’s especially true in our region of eastern Kentucky - a place known for its poverty. But it’s not just a reference to fiscal health. There’s a missing dialogue concerning our health as a people. And it’s vital to be the ones to start this dialogue.

Welcome to the Millennial Spark! My brother and I derive our name from our belief that us Christian Millennials have a new and amazing opportunity that has never been possible for past generations. An extraordinary potential that remains unrecognized. And both me and my brother wish to use this ministry called the Millennial Spark to start such a dialogue. Or perhaps it could be said, a start of a movement. A start of a spark...

Despite whatever our society may say, it’s not impossible to find what you believe in. All you have to do is to realize your unseen strength. To find your undiscovered aspiration. To begin your God-given mission.

Our purpose in this ministry is to inspire you – the valued individual – to find the answers for these questions. To be clear, we want YOU to be in the driving seat of your own growth. Your own success… But again, me and my brother are here only to be a spark. We welcome you to our community that encourages and supports one another. and hope you find this opportunity to be life-changing.

Thanks again for being here. God bless…

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